Who knows?

BLOCKHELP was developed by a team of business experts who decided to build a better way to put business leaders considering blockchain technology products directly in touch with the information and people selling them.

Blockchain is a technology that is in its early stages of evolution and is still not well understood. To help potential buyers understand what blockchain is and what it can do for businesses, we’ve reviewed and will continue to review copious volumes of information, hundreds of blockchain companies and their solutions and will share our findings with you here.

If you are a blockchain vendor, you likely feel this problem

You have a brilliant idea for blockchain solution and you are developing it with hopes that potential customers will find you and buy it from you.

Your target customers are still learning about blockchain and need some convincing that blockchain can deliver value to their business. You need to attract your target customers, start a conversation and help them understand how your blockchain solution can be very valuable to their business.

BLOCKHELP helps buyers and sellers meet

BLOCKHELP created this portal to help buyers learn about blockchain and to connect with vendors who can help them visualize how blockchain could help their business. In our no pressure meeting place, buyers can engage with vendors anonymously without the pressure to commit. Once ready to engage, buyers are free to disclose their identity to discuss their next steps.